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The Yappers - SKA - Reggae - Rock - Country Band - Brand New Genre

The Yappers
If you are looking for a distinct band sound rooted in reggae, The Yappers, fit that bill. But while most similarly inclined bands, such as SKA bands, tend to take a reggae beat and bring it to the punk rock side, rarely is it taken to the rock, and none bring it to the country side - something that always intrigued The Yappers band founder and namesake Raymond Yap.

Yap, was born of Jamaican parents, raised in California and transplanted to Toronto, Ontario, Canada young. His musical bloodlines run true having been influenced Phil Chen a Chinese-Jamaican Brit who was England's most used sessions bass player to all the big rock groups in the 70's and 80's including with Jeff Beck, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Marley, Pete TownsendEric Clapton and Rod Stewart playing on Hot Legs among others and is the current bass player for The Doors. Chen was an early influence on Yap, providing him his first guitar at age 9 and encouraging him to play, and Ray'd listen to records his uncle played on and attend concerts. The California music scene was also littered with country rock at the time adding to his music's influence...Meantime mom & dad Yap played their reggae and a young Raymond Yap unknowingly began to soak up his future sound, as bands like The Police began to take foothold in his brain alongside other influences like The Specials and The Selector.

Debut CD
Starting out, he played in mostly cover bands, honing his music in between gigs at home. It wasn't until after he had a wife and kids, moved to the burbs - Aurora, Ontario, Canada, and self taught himself how to mix and record his music, that he really discovered "his sound".

After finally sitting down and writing some lyrics to his songs and recording while playing each track himself separately and then mixing it, he brought it his final product to an audio expert to get better sound but the guy was blown away.

" How did you get the bass to sound like that?" he'd asked according to Yap, adding, "Buddy you don't understand. You have got your own sound here. You gotta get this out for people to hear.". 

Yap was encouraged because he had felt it too, and a brand new genre of music was born he calls rock & roots music! At first he tested reaction to " his sound" online and through internet radio achieving surprising raves from the Brits.

After an extensive search looking for just the right players, Ray realized he needn't look far, with 20 year friend and long time musician Stew Sparks picking up the bass whose influences include The Red Hot Chile Peppers, Slightly Stoopid, and Sublime, while fan turned band member, Laney V, came aboard soon after on drums replacing the original.  Both  are in tune, but most importantly in love, with the music and understand the nuances of the sometimes difficult to follow off-beats that the reggae based, The Yappers, sound has.

What they bring is something that cannot be taught - a love for this style of music which spews from them with a passion. The trio is making some great music and gotten tighter over the past few years musically.

Now with dozens of gigs under their belts at such Toronto hotspots as The Hard Rock Cafe, The Mod Club, The Opera House, Lees Palace, The El Mocambo, The Rock Pile, Velvet Underground and others, The Yappers are growing a legion of followers - many from the university scene and the 18-45 age bracket, and have been picked up for regular airplay on British radio.

Their sound is what is exciting to music fans and musicians alike - it's not everyday you hear a brand new sound!

The Yappers are well on their way to becoming the pioneer icons of this Brand New Music Rock & Roots Genre

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Feb 1 at The El Mocambo 
Feb 15 Stellar Hall
Mar 14 Big Daddy's Rock & Roll Emporium Newmarket 
June 20 - Veterans Affairs - London