Thursday, 6 February 2014

Country Psychedelic Classic Rock Music Band

Clean Fill Wanted describes themselves as a Psychedelic Country Rock Band. What does that mean? Well if you take good old polished talent guitars and vocalists and add a twist of keyboard electricity to the mix and some catchy original toe tapping to dance infusing numbers in the fray, you've got Clean Fill Wanted!

Founded by Pat Ruffolo and John Ellis 5 piece C.F.W.'s rockin' original tunes are a testament to their dedication to the craft, but they are not above belting out originals as well and can adjust the play-set to suit the show, event or function. You'll get some great soft and cutting rock tunes either way and some country /  folky flavours as well including a "kickass' old stand up bass that gets strummed like no other!

Clean Fill Wanted can play indoors or out
booked C.F.W. for the first time in cooperation with the 2007 Opening Face-Off Party where they rocked the house with Johnny coming out solo as well in between and so we looked them up for the events upcoming Fri Mar 14 2014, 10th Anniversary, Opening Face-Off Party  and to include their new Hockey Song!

A seasoned group, great fit for the right gig and ideal for corporates.
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CLEAN FILL WANTED here.For Booking info call TPE@ 289-221-0928  - Follow TPE on FB

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