Thursday, 6 February 2014

HIP HOP Beats Duo Krhyme Syndicate York Region Music Gems

Richmond Hill based Krhyme Syndicate has been rappin on the doors of recording success for a number of years now and their seasoned brand of Hip Hop has been well received not only by Hip Hoppers and fans but by the other performers themselves and with the boys gettin' down with recognition from some of the "big boys' this past year as well, they are on a confidence buzz.

Recently TP Entertainment & Productions did a gig in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, featuring the duo along with a guest hip hop talent and using live bands on the back end of a classic rock & roll bands night and they were the stars! It was an incredible vibe actually. Club patrons from 20's to 70's were groovin' on the dance floor like nothing else, convincing me that there was a great market for Hip Hop out there in circles even one'd never have thought - including yours truly!

I look forward to these guys as I really get into and and enjoy it and you can to. Book em or come see them next -  

Fri Mar 14 Cameo Appearnce @ Big Daddys Rock & Roll Emporium in Newmarket, Ontario. Feature Feb 21 Contact  TPE to book your HIP HOP show! 289-221-0928

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