Thursday, 6 February 2014

Blues, Jazz, Latin Singer Extraordinaire Fluent Italian

I first caught  songbird Lori Viola's husky vocals while sitting at the piano bar lounge at Villa Risi Ristorante ( Envision me speaking ala Humphrey Bogart ). I'd been sitting at Villa Risi Ristorante in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada when suddenly this sultry voice wrapped in velvet enveloped my limited attention span - a feat in itself. I was enamored. This dame had class. Something, I, unfortunately, was born without. LORI VIOLA - Jazz, Blues, R&B, Latin, Swing, Italiano, Pop Singer
Lori Viola is also fluent in Italian and available alone, as a duo, or with her band.

Accompanied by her Pianoman, the steamy, bluesy,  jazzy, rythm and blues numbers Lori Viola belted out, added an ambiance so missing in today's G.T.A. entertainment scene - let alone dining and entertainment.

Performances in fine dining restaurants - even ones offering a fine cuisine and decor at affordable prices and a beautiful piano bar - are far and few between, and finding a gem Lady Singer with the range in both vocal abilities with the sheer volume of song selections that she was able to warble, was a definite bonus for me on this night setting mood as such I'd not had in some time in a restaurant. A walk back in time if you will, like an old movie sound track, and certainly a pleasure worthy of any special occasion, wedding, reception, anniversary, birthday, swank theme night, fundraiser, or suitable film / tv / video / audio production.

Lori's R&B version of a "Georgia" so touched a local radio station owner as to inquire as to who the singer of the beautiful recording he was listening too was, unaware whilst dining in another room, that the sultry voice was no recording at all but a live performance of Ms. Viola, prompting him to request a copy to play on their station - which they did much to her delight...and that of the listeners!

Don't take my word for it, glimpse Lori Viola's video performance captured at a recent show!  You can be a listener now as Lori is now available across York Region, The G.T.A. and The Golden Horseshoe for a limited number of private bookings. Make your special event remembered for all the right reasons. TP Bookings @ 289-221-0928

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