Monday, 4 April 2016

Hip Hop Talent - Dean Wild

Looking for a unique Hip Hop act? Someone that doesn't follow a cookie cutter?

Canadian Idol Judge Farley Flex said at a recent event TP was also a judge at, that the best acts are those true to themselves and not trying to copy someone else.

" You're not American. Why are you singing about the American experience" he told one act.

It's true too. Unique, original acts are what make it and I think Dean Wild is just different enough to get some stage time. It's up to her from there on to take it to another level.

 Recently I found one of Dean's tracks , Garden of Eden" to be a good fit for a promo piece I was doing. Now living in Aurora, Ontario, Canada and hailing from nearby Newmarket, this home-grown Hip Hop artist had her own unique experiences to draw from, having grown up in a smallish town with a semi-homophobic nature at the time, and was happy to oblige the piece with the soundtrack. Other tracks of hers I've checked out I found the same thing, signature.

Dean, along with her Stay Blessed Productions, have been playing gigs in and around the Toronto area for the past few years, some of which along with other Hip Hoppers TPE has captured live.

Interested in booking or in more info on Dean Wild?

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